His jeans are too tight – 15th November 2001

Thursday 15th  Kevin and Jen were in moods today but I’ve no idea why. Kevin says I’ve got a nice figure though.

Paul and this girl called Carys were making me paranoid in the lab today. They kept looking at me and laughing and whispering. WHY?!?

I went round to Jen’s this evening with Kevin to watch Three to Tango and Can’t Hardly Wait. All my flatmates had gone out or home.

I spoke to Kevin on the phone afterwards and he says he thinks I’m nice looking with a really good personality and then that he and Jen have secrets. Great, just leave me out why don’t you?! Apparently she reckons I’m daft for dumping him. Maybe. I wish he’d buy some new clothes cos his jeans are too tight and stuff. I keep imagining him in baggier clothes, perhaps with a chain and the long sleeved T-shirt under a short sleeved one which he looked good in once. He’d look so much better.

I kind of want to get back together with him but don’t at the same time. I’m scared someone better will come along while I’m with him though. Jen says we’re good together and Kevin says he’ll wait for as long as it takes cos of the way he feels about me. He said he doesn’t want anyone else and I’m worth waiting for. He also said he won’t waste his “turn”. What’s that supposed to mean?!


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