Jen thinks he’s cute. I agree! – 8th November 2001

Thursday 8th  A few of us went round to Kevin’s flat this evening in an attempt to finish a piece of coursework on soil. Ben was there and I actually really quite like him. Jen’s mate Kerry also fancied him and Jen thinks he’s cute. I agree! He played noughts and crosses with me in a crap lecture today but I sent him 2 messages and he didn’t reply to them. He usually does.

When we got sick of coursework and soil, we all decided to go out. We started off in the Arbar then went to Bar Non. I was a bit disappointed when Ben didn’t come but we didn’t stay long anyway cos it was a bit boring.

On the way from the bus back to the Arbar, it started snowing!! It was so good! It didn’t last long but it still happened and it’s only November. I hope it snows on my birthday.

Kevin didn’t come out cos he said he wasn’t over me and so didn’t want to or something.

I saw Jake with some really tall, blonde, good-looking girl in Bar Non. He said “Hi” as they walked past but that was it. I didn’t see him snog her or owt but she was following him.

Archie was being nice to me. He said he liked my top again.

Kevin gave me one of my birthday presents early tonight, seeing as I was going out. It was a bottle of blue Aftershock. 🙂 That’s really good but really expensive and I so didn’t deserve it after dumping him.


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