I actually felt a bit jealous for a minute or two – 7th November 2001

Wednesday 7th  Kevin was being really quiet all day until we got to the Arbar this evening. He was being really fully of himself and going on about how good he is at stuff e.g. maths, running, and pool, and then he started scaring me and Archie by saying we shouldn’t leave work until the last minute and shouldn’t go out as often. Apparently that’s how he ended up getting kicked out of Lancaster. Maybe he’s right but he didn’t half think he knew it all.

Another thing that annoyed me was Kevin saying I’ve got Archie “wrapped round my little finger” as if I was using him and stuff cos I knew he likes me. I had no reason to think that until Kevin said stuff yesterday on the phone. Anyway, I only sent Archie to the bar.

At one point in the evening, I had Kevin, Ben, Archie and Storecard all sat round my table. It’s weird! I don’t think any of them, except Kevin, like me that much though.

Ben was saying today that he didn’t get to sleep until 7am this morning cos he stayed in some girl’s room all night. Jodie, I assume. I actually felt a bit jealous for a minute or two.

Jen’s mate Kerry was visiting tonight but they didn’t stay in the Arbar long. Jen said we’ve got to live together next year with maybe Archie and Kevin. To be honest, I don’t think I could stand living with Kevin. Both he and Archie said they liked my top though. 🙂


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