She’s “unnaturally loyal” – 30th October 2001

Tuesday 30th  I was on my way to a lecture with Archie this morning and we saw Bronwen. It got us onto the subject of her and Jake. Archie told me that she’s got a boyfriend and she’s “unnaturally loyal” to him. Like a dog perhaps. (Ok, that’s mean, I know!) He also said she’s very good looking but she’s a bit weird and simple and sticks post-its to everything possible.

Kevin really pissed me off in Maths today. I’m generally pissed off in Maths anyway cos I hate it but this time it was directed at him. He kept trying to help me cos he thought I was stuck (which I was) but instead of helping, he was making me feel completely stupid by keeping saying it was easy and stuff. Everyone around me could hear too. I just sulked a bit and went all quiet and then turned down a lift, stupidly, up to Storthes in his dad’s car. Not that I really wanted to meet his dad either though. I’m not ready for meeting parents. Mind you, I probably never will be. I hate that sort of thing.

I still can’t decide about Kevin. I just don’t know if I like him that much. He seems to like me more. He called me “gorgeous” again though. 🙂

Jake is staying in Huddersfield. He said he doesn’t want to leave cos he likes it here but I’m not sure what’s happening with his course.

I just stayed in with Kevin this evening and he informed me that Ben wants to pull my sister when she comes up this weekend. I told Kevin she was thinking about coming so he must’ve mentioned it to Ben. Ben apparently asked if she looked anything like me (as in that would be a good thing! 🙂 ) but even though Kevin said not on the photo I showed him, Ben still wants a go. Kevin said she was still quite nice. I think I’d better warn her before she arrives!


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