“I”, “love” and “you” in that order – 29th October 2001

Monday 29th I found out that Archie Butterworth (a mate off my course) lives in the same flat as Bronwen today. He said that some lad’s round there all the time and described him exactly like Jake, even down to the pink shirts.

I went to the Arbar with Marc and a few of his mates this evening. Kevin was watching some Blackburn match but came over and sat with us afterwards. He seemed really moody but then maybe it was just cos he was completely sober due to a lack of money. Archie also joined us. He didn’t drink before he came to uni so he was really pissed after 4 pints which was quite funny.

Gingery Chris was setting the inside of bottles and his hand on fire which was a bit weird but pretty cool. I’ve got to try it sometime. Not setting my hand on fire though. I’ll have to get hold of a lighter first too.

Storecard came over and sat with us at one point too. He smiled at me but that was it. I saw the girl Jake snogged as well. She was dancing like a right freak in scruffy jeans and stuff on a virtually empty dancefloor. Jake wasn’t there but his fit senior resident flatmate, Rich, was. Mmm!

Jen was in the bar at the same time as us too. She’d come to visit her room here at Storthes cos she’s moving in soon. She’s in Myers Court, Flat 6. I’m quite looking forward to her coming actually cos I only really know lads off my course here and she’s a laugh. They’ve stopped running the trains from where she lives at home to Huddersfield and she heard we all liked it here so she’s decided to join us.

Kevin came back to my room for a bit but, as usual, nothing happened. He said “I love you when you’re like this” (I went all sleepy) to me which made me panic slightly. He probably didn’t think about it but the fact the sentence contained the words “I”, “love” and “you” in that order kind of scared me a bit!


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