Kevin smells funny – 27th & 28th October 2001

Saturday 27th Kevin ended up sleeping in my bed with me last night but nothing whatsoever happened. I suppose it is quite nice that he’s not pressuring me into doing stuff but it’s not half frustrating sometimes!

I didn’t get much sleep but only because the level of comfort was pretty low. The little sleep I did get was interrupted by Kevin moving or telling me I was snoring or nicking the duvet. I’ve decided not to let him stay again so I had to refuse when he asked if he could stay again tonight. I was tempted to let him but I didn’t want to give in just in case he mithers me in future cos he thinks I’ll let him if he does.

Kevin also told me more about his previous girlfriends. The 1 month one dumped him cos she got back with her old boyfriend and the 6 month one lived in Suffolk so they split up cos of the distance, I think.


Sunday 28th Not much happened today. I went to Sainsbury’s with Kevin, he said I’d look cute with shorter hair, he went all cuddly when we were in my room, and he called me “gorgeous” again.

This is going to sound really immature but Kevin smells funny. I think it’s his breath. It’s not bad, just funny. I think I’d like him better if he wore nice smelly stuff actually. If he does, it isn’t obvious.


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