The urge to slap her was so strong – 25th & 26th October 2001

Thursday 25th I was still really pissed this morning! I managed to get through lectures though and then get some sleep before getting ready to go to the Jason Donovan concert.

Violet booked the tickets a few days ago cos, while we were all slightly drunk, my flatmates and I decided we really wanted to go. A few extra people came too such as Layla’s mate Claire and Violet’s boyfriend.

The concert was surprisingly good and it was pretty packed. Jason only sang about 4 songs but then we got 2 Blues Brothers blokes. I thought they were better to be honest and Claire agreed!

[Here’s my terrible photo of the man himself.]

After the concert, we all made our way to Bar Non. Kevin was there and said he was going to surprise me but he’d told me earlier on just in case I missed him. I spoke to Jake in there too. He hugged me when he first saw me and claimed he’s bit after Bronwen anymore. He told me that he might have to leave Huddersfield because he won’t be able to do the full course here cos it’s not good enough or something. He’ll have to take a year out and go to Sheffield Hallam instead.

I later saw Jake snogging that girl again but then I was doing the same thing with Kevin so I didn’t really care.


Friday 26th Layla’s friend Michelle came out with us all tonight. This was fine until she got pissed and became one of the most annoying, loud, in-your-face stupid cows I’ve ever seen! Kevin kept having to restrain me cos the urge to slap her was so strong! I just avoided Michelle as much as possible and I stuck with Kevin all night. We went to Milton, Revolution and then Camel Club and they were all pretty crap actually.

[Here we are prior to wanting to slap Michelle. It’s Marc, Ronan, Claire, Kevin and me at the back and Layla and Michelle at the front.]

I rang Jake when I got in to ask him if Vinnie Jones dies in the film Snatch cos I know he’s seen it and thought he might settle the debate between me and Kevin. He did actually sound quite pleased to hear from me and we ended up having a really long conversation which was nice.

Kevin decided to confess to me about his “psycho” past as well tonight. He used the word “psycho” (which worried me a bit at first) but it turned out that he’d just been in a couple of fights and went a bit over the top. It doesn’t particularly please me to know that (I’m used to lads like Jake!) but I’m really not that bothered as long as he doesn’t turn on me or anyone I like.


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