“Don’t take samples now, we just pissed in the stream” – 24th October 2001

Wednesday 24th Our course had to go on another field trip today, only this time it wasn’t too bad. It was nice and sunny and we were in some woodland somewhere (Stonycliffe Woods, maybe?) taking water samples and stuff. We just had to work in small groups so I was with the Environmental Science with Geography people (my exact course) who are Jen, Jonathan and a woman called Gina.

Kevin was upstream with the Environmental Science lot which includes Vicky who very obviously fancies him! She’s a bit odd though so I don’t think her feelings are returned. She just laughs at everything he says and he wrote “Don’t take samples now, we just pissed in the stream” on a plastic duck which he was going to float down to us, and she thought it was hilarious and kept going on about it. Then she sat in the seat I’d been sat on (next to Kevin) on the coach on the way back. I don’t mind really. It’s pretty funny and I’m used to people being after my lad after going out with Jake for so long!

I went out with just Kevin tonight into town. He wouldn’t queue up for anywhere so we ended up in Warehouse which was a bit crap to begin with. It got better though, once I discovered they’d serve pints of diesel :)! I got pretty pissed actually.

Kevin’s flatmate Nico (I think that’s what he’s called) was there too. He gives the impression that he’s a bit sleazy and there’s something I don’t like about him but I’m not sure what. He hit some girl too. He’s a bit if a shortarse so I’m surprised no-one smacked him back. I’ve got into the habit of calling him The Tooth Fairy though cos he’s got a shark’s tooth round his neck with little white shells that also look like teeth.

After Warehouse we went to Camel Club. It looks a bit like an igloo in there and I found a toy plastic gun on the floor. I also saw Jill Baines from my college.

I pointed out the Vicky thing to Kevin and he couldn’t disagree with me so he obviously thinks she likes him too. I couldn’t help but tease him about it so when we saw her, I dragged him over to sit with her. Hee hee!!

Kevin came into my room for a bit when we got back and I managed to fall asleep until he turned the light off. I was snoring apparently but he said I looked cute when I was asleep! He wanted to stay but I wouldn’t let him cos I’ve got lectures first thing tomorrow.

He referred to himself as my boyfriend, said that “Brown Eyed Girl” song could be for me (cringe!!) and grabbed me and kissed me. I liked the last part! 🙂


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