Plucking their eyebrows at the kitchen table – 23rd October 2001

Tuesday 23rd I had a pretty short day at uni today so I just went back to Storthes and slept for ages until it was time to go round to Kevin’s to be cooked for.

It was a bit scary being in his flat cos I’ve never really seen anyone from it. Nobody really spoke to me though. The lads weren’t there and the girls were either cooking (actual veg and stuff!) or plucking their eyebrows at the kitchen table and getting ready to go out.

Kevin and I ate then he got his TV out of hiding (no licence) and we watched that before going up to the Arbar.

I spoke to Violet at one point tonight and she informed me that Marc feels like a twat after what went on last night. There wasn’t really much I could say to make him feel better though cos he was a twat.

The Arbar was boring so we went back to watch TV again and cuddled. He seemed to kiss me a bit more tonight and said I’ve got a nice smile and that I can go in his car when we go on the Wales field trip. Yey!


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