He never shuts up about his damn hernia – 22nd October 2001

Monday 22nd I went to Rock Night at the Arbar this evening with Marc, his mate Chris (one with gingery hair) and Kevin. Marc and Kevin was definitely a bad combination and I’m going to avoid mixing the 2 of them in future!

I was messing about doing the “which would you rather?” game and asking the lads at the table about girls in the room. It wasn’t like I singled Marc out cos I was asking them all the same thing and no-one took offence to it. Actually, I don’t even know if that’s what set him off cos he played along. Then a few minutes later he started telling me, or rather yelling and swearing at me, to “fucking get outside now”. Kevin had gone to the bar so maybe he’d picked his moment carefully cos the way he was speaking to me wasn’t particularly pleasant and if some girl had yelled at Kevin like that, I wouldn’t have been best pleased.

“Best pleased” would definitely not be the words to describe the way I was feeling towards Marc at that point. My level of aggressiveness rose extremely high and I had to grip the seat to stop myself leaping up and lamping him. I don’t know what Marc thinks I’m like but there is no way I was going to obey his commands and follow him outside. I basically reacted with “fuck off ” and a few more evil comments and he stormed off back to the flat. I was absolutely fuming!

When I got back to the flat with Kevin, I found this letter pushed under my door along with various text and voicemail messages on my phone apologising over and over and basically saying what’s in the letter lots of times.

He must’ve thought I was ignoring his calls but I just didn’t take my phone out with me.

Marc obviously feels really guilty and is regretting yelling at me like that so, seeing as I’ve calmed down myself now, I might just forgive him. He’ll be regretting it a lot more though if he ever pisses me off like that again!

Kevin looked really nice tonight actually and I’ve decided I really like him again. His hair was all spiky and he was looking a bit scruffy to fit in with the moshers but then I quite like that look. 🙂

He is a bit slow though. It took him ages before he kissed me. I discovered he’s really ticklish on his back and likes having his hair messed with. He called me “gorgeous” too. 🙂 He said he never knew what to say to me before last Friday when we got together. I also found out he’s had 2 girlfriends before. One for a month and the other for 6 months.

I’ve discovered another small problem with him and it’s that he never shuts up about his damn hernia and all the injuries/operations he’s had. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so squeamish!


2 thoughts on “He never shuts up about his damn hernia – 22nd October 2001

  1. I just wanted to thank you for keeping going with these uploads even during the pandemic and general gloom of the past year. I keep the page bookmarked and get so excited on the days there’s something new! I grew up not too far from Huddersfield and so much about your 6th form / uni experience is so similar to mine. Things I cringe thinking back on (with older eyes) I can now see were totally normal at the time! Keep it up and thank you 🙂


    • Ah, what a lovely comment 😊 Thank you back – it’s made me smile! I keep typing this stuff up but have no idea who’s actually reading it much of the time. Having met other teenage diarists, I think most of the cringey stuff is pretty normal across the board – it’s just that most people don’t have the written evidence… and if they did, they did something sensible like burn it!


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