Lizzie’s bad influence must’ve rubbed off on me – 19th & 20th October 2001

Friday 19th I somehow managed to stay awake in today’s lectures but I’ve no idea how the hell I did it! I said a quick goodbye to Kevin and then Michael picked me up from Storthes on his “way past” from Hertfordshire Uni to take me home.

We stopped off at Sarah’s on the way so he could pick up his birthday present (a VW Beetle Scalextric thing). It was really good to see her actually cos I miss her, Cat and Lizzie (my main girly friends) a bit sometimes.

I then came home and was informed that my sister, Abby, has had her belly button pierced but I’m not allowed to mention it to Dad.


Saturday 20th I went out to Manchester tonight with a load of my college friends for Michael’s birthday and Floyd’s birthday. It was also a lad called Ian’s birthday who used to work with Michael during the summer so he came too.

Out of my friends, a few were missing but Sarah, Lizzie, Denny, Isaac, Floyd and Michael were there. It was really nice to see them as well. Lizzie was being a bit annoying to start with cos she kept going on and on about how she’s cheated on her latest boyfriend, AJ, while he was stood in the same room. We also had to keep hearing about her having had sex 9 times and for the 1st time indoors rather than on a beach in Cyprus. She eventually shut up though and I hung round with her for most of the night.

We started off in Soft but it was really quiet so we made our way to Teasers instead. Denny was filling us in on life at Aberystwyth Uni and how Gethin (our gay friend) has managed to get himself a boyfriend.

Lizzie’s bad influence must’ve rubbed off on me because towards the end of the night I ended up snogging a lad who’d been talking to us all night. He was really nice, both looking and personality-wise and he was a really good kisser. Mmm! He also held my hand when we were walking round and came with me to get my coat back. We just kissed loads! He’s called Colm and his number is 0161 *** **** and he was wearing a nice stripy pyjama-style shirt.

Colm may have been very nice but I do feel pretty guilty now cos of Kevin so I won’t be ringing Colm tomorrow afternoon like he asked me to. He didn’t have a mobile phone either so the fact that his mum or someone could answer also puts me off a bit!

I was also talking to Colm’s mate at one point and I discovered that he went to Huddersfield Uni too. Not only that but he lived at Storthes in Boothroyd Court in Block C. I’m in Boothroyd Block D! Weird!

Kevin texted me tonight as well saying he wished he was here and put a “x” at the end for the 1st time ever. Oops! I feel really shady now. At the time though, everyone was convincing me that Kevin and I aren’t really that official and I also told myself that I’ve not known him long so for all I know he could be at home getting off with random girls. I also did kind of want to snog Colm too so I didn’t really need much persuading!


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