We walked to the taxi place and tossed a coin – 9th & 10th October 2001

Tuesday 9th Kevin sat with me in every lecture today. He also says he can see me driving a new yellow Punto! 🙂

I went out tonight with everyone from the flat. We started off in Milton Hall where we got pissed quickly and cheaply on VK and absinthe and stuff! We then made our way to Visage with a few more people such as Layla’s friend Claire and her flat. It was okay in Visage but nothing special. I found Ben in a far from sober state and Kevin also turned up. Yet again, he stayed with me all night. Another lad called John, I think, hung round with us too. He’s from Ben’s flat and I’ve spoken to him quite a bit actually. He seems ok.

Kevin kept touching my back and stuff when we were walking through crowds and stuff and he held my wrist every time he wanted to see my watch.

[Me, Claire & Layla pre-sick incident]

Just as we started dancing with Layla, a bouncer came over and dragged her away so Kevin and I followed. We found out Claire had been taken off in an ambulance cos she’d been sick for about an hour. Layla got all upset so someone drove her to the hospital and told me to follow in a taxi. I didn’t really want to go cos it felt like making a fuss and getting in the way and stuff. Kevin convinced me though by telling me depressing stuff about people he knew dying etc. I wasn’t totally up for going so we walked to the taxi place and tossed a coin. We went to the hospital but it was a complete waste of time cos when we arrived, Claire had already been discharged.

Ah well, I got loads of time with Kevin anyway!


Wednesday 10th We had a really awful field trip today. It basically involved digging a pit, getting soil samples, and lots and lots of rain. It didn’t stop once and we were all totally drenched and freezing. I got put in a group with Kevin, Ben, Jen, Vicky and Paul. Kevin dug and the rest of us watched. Kevin ended up covering my nose in mud after I pushed his manky, muddy glove into Ben’s face!

I got a message from him this evening asking when I was going to the bar (I didn’t) and he gave me his extension number. It’s 6338. 🙂


GO TO NEXT DIARY. It’s red and says “Freespirit” on it.

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