He was getting “counselling” in the blokes’ loos – 5th to 8th October 2001

Friday 5th I only had an hour of lectures today and then I came back and hid in my room for the rest of the day. I’ve got a cough and everyone’s gone home so I’m left with Marc and Ronan. I eventually decided to break the ice a bit and went and watched a film called Dick in Marc’s room with him. It wasn’t too awkward actually.

Vi told me earlier that Marc’s liked me since Sharkey’s and he was getting “counselling” in the blokes’ loos from Ian last night. I feel really mean now!


Saturday 6th I spoke to Sarah on the phone for ages tonight. It was really nice to hear from her and Michael said she was really pleased we spoke. 🙂

I saw Kevin when I was sat on the bench outside the Arbar on my phone. He looked pretty nice actually. I think he’s had his hair cut and gelled or something. He waved and went in but then came out again and wandered round on his own for ages. Strange!

I did get the bus into town tonight but ended up coming back pretty much straight away cos I really didn’t feel too well.


Sunday 7th Mum and Dad came over today. I’m still ill but it’s just a bad cold I think. They brought food! 🙂

I sat in Marc’s room for most of the day and then went to the pub with him, Ronan and Lewis later. Archie (off my course) and Kevin were in there too so I spoke to them as well as Jake. He told me not to go home cos it’s really boring! He also told me about Connor crashing his car again but I already knew from Mum.

Kevin was talking to me for ages. He went to Visage last night and says he’s probably going to Bar Non tomorrow. I really like him. He walked back with me too.


Monday 8th Boring lectures all day.

I went to the Arbar tonight and just as I was thinking “I want to see Kevin”, he walked in! I spoke to him a lot again and he was patting me on the back when I was coughing and stuff. I felt a bit guilty at one point though cos I think Marc was a bit pissed off and said he’d leave if I wanted him to.

Kevin ended up staying in the Arbar with me instead of going to Revolution with his mates. He’s also considering coming to the Jason Donovan concert with my flat people and me! I really like him!


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