He eats raw potatoes – 1st to 3rd October 2001

Monday 1st I started my course properly today and we’ve been given work already. I’ve spoken to a lot more people now and everyone seems ok so far.

We stayed in tonight and watched 10 Things I Hate About You in Marc’s room. I got really upset afterwards but I’m not sure why. I think I miss having someone (e.g. Jake) there to hug and kiss and stuff whenever I want. I also miss not pulling freaks cos it was obvious I wasn’t single.

I sent Jake a message saying, “I NEED A HUG : ( xTx” but I got no reply.

Marc sent me messages today with lyrics from Will Smith’s Miami cos it was stuck in his head.

The message said, “DAMN you look sexy, let’s go to my yacht in the West Keys, ride my jet skis, lounge under the palm trees! Sorry, it’s stuck in my head”. It made me laugh. He also sent me one later to say thanks for the soup I made! That was after he pushed this note under my door, hinting at me to make it!


Tuesday 2nd Lectures were really boring today. I fell asleep as soon as I got back as well so my brain must really have shut down!

I went into Huddersfield tonight with my flatmates plus James and Chris # off Marc’s course or whatever. It was quite a good night and Chris # actually isn’t that bad, oh, apart from when he started going on about guitars and chords and stuff.

I’d been talking about Karen and her whip etc. and said maybe I should get one. I then had a message from Marc asking when I would!


Wednesday 3rd Oops! I sent the reply to Marc’s whip message to Hayley accidentally. She sent a nice message back to tell me and asked how I was and stuff.

I had really boring lectures again today but I got out earlier than expected.

Marc informed us over tea that he eats raw potatoes and raw pasta. Surely that can’t be good?!

We went to the Arbar for a while tonight but that was it.

It’s Jake’s birthday today. I sent him a happy birthday message this morning but got no response and then he came over to my room to collect his presents (a big mug and a Cadbury’s sponge pudding), both wrapped nicely in leaflets, and his card. He stayed for about 2 minutes, gave me a hug, kissed me on the forehead, commented on how quiet and crap my flat was and then left. That pissed me off actually. He then completely ignored my message asking if he was going out so I obviously wasn’t welcome.


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