Storecard launched himself at me – 29th September 2001

Saturday 29th I stayed in pretty much all day today cos Mum and Dad came to visit and brought my TV. Connor also came over to see me cos Jake sent him over with a TV aerial cos Mum and Dad forgot mine. I sent Connor back with a thank you present in the form of a free Elton John CD that I got with a newspaper.

We all went to the pub tonight together. I’d had messages earlier from Simon saying he wanted to meet up for a drink. I didn’t actually see much of him when I got there at the start which I was actually quite pleased about.

There was a really funny kid at the Arbar. He was doing some freaky dancing and Connor decided to go over and dance next to him. It was sooo funny!

Jake was being a right moody little bastard. He got a message from someone and was showing it to everyone and laughing but he wouldn’t show me. He then walked off at one point with Simon which filled me with a slight sense of panic. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jake dance before tonight and now I know why! It was so bad! He does this weird thing with his shoulders which makes him look like some sort of groovy hunchback!

Simon later began to follow me everywhere, the creep! He also keeps sending me messages saying he really likes me and keeps ringing me. I’ve not replied but he’s not getting the hint. He keeps saying he wants to know what’s going on etc. I’ve only known him for a day and he’s talking like we’re getting a divorce or something. Freak!

He followed me into Jake’s room again and Connor and Marc were taking the piss by mentioning “store card” constantly cos it sounds a bit like “stalker”. It was hard trying to keep a straight face!

Simon then followed me into the flat below mine. I told Marc not to leave me with him (after he’d left me sat on a bench with him earlier and he was holding my hand) but he did and Storecard launched himself at me. I didn’t want to snog him but I really didn’t have much choice. Yuck! I mean, it’s not like he’s minging or anything, he’s just really creepy.

Storecard noticed that Marc was always hanging around but didn’t realise it was to protect me and now thinks Marc fancies me! Marc said later that I could do much better than Storecard and said he wishes he had a stalker.

When I got back in my room I took my phone off the hook (cos Storecard said he’d ring me) and then I got a message off Jake asking how Storecard got my number. Why the hell does he care?! I asked him if Connor was lying last night about Jake still loving me and I got the impression that he was, even though he didn’t exactly say so. Jake did say he’s glad we’re getting on though. Huh, we won’t be if he keeps on being all moody with me!


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