I could not be arsed with another lad – 28th September 2001

Friday 28th I went out with Marc and some of the people off his course tonight. We started off in the pub and then went to Nuq Blue which was crap.

Apparently 3 of the lads were after me, one of which I did end up with. He was called Simon Chambers (I think) and I didn’t particularly like him, I just kind of gave in. He kept saying Marc fancies me too. Hmm. Actually, Marc did look a bit pissed off but then he might well have just been bored. I was!

Simon eventually cornered me and snogged me and asked if I wanted a boyfriend. Maybe, but not in the form of him! We exchanged numbers and then he followed me to Jake’s room when I went to see Connor who’s staying the night.

Connor kept saying how Jake still loves me which I don’t believe but he has got pictures of me and him and all my stuff all over his room. Jake also told me that he was bothered really badly when I snogged Andy in front of him but he realised I was kind of forced into it.

I managed to get rid of Simon cos I could not be arsed with another lad following me into my room, even though he tried.

I just ate soup with Marc when I got back.


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