Marc said I looked very “naughty” – 26th & 27th September 2001

Wednesday 26th Today was pretty boring at uni. We had a talk in the library about the computers and stuff. There was actually hardly anyone there. I assume everyone’s “ill” or something. I was sooo tired.

Abby rang me today and had a go at me for dropping her in it with Connor. It was actually Jake’s fault cos he asked me the name of this lad Abby’s been chatting to on the internet. He must’ve told Connor straight away so I sent him a message simply saying, “Fucker”.

Connor also rang me today and said Jake had told him about Andy from Saturday and how it was more him than me. I feel guilty though cos I know he saw us.

It was that Fresher’s Fair thing at the Sports Centre this afternoon. I spent most of the time queuing up but got loads of freebies when I finally got in. I sign up for skiing, kung fu and some volunteer thing. I also saw Andy from Saturday on the army stall in his uniform. He gave me a leaflet and looked at me. Yuck!

Ha ha ha!!! Archie off my course was moaning today that some people were playing a dodgy song about a dog really loudly out of their window. That would’ve been us! 🙂 Hee hee!!


Thursday 27th It was the Skool Disco tonight at Milton Hall Student Union bar which involved dressing up in school uniform, funnily enough! It was such a good laugh! Marc said I looked very “naughty” in what I was wearing. It wasn’t that bad though compared to some people.

I spent most of the night with Marc actually (I think I’m beginning to fancy him which isn’t good) and he held my hand in crowds of people so I didn’t get lost.

Layla got absolutely slaughtered which was very, very funny!

I gained a cane off one of the bouncer people or bar staff (not sure!) but lost it again later. The fire alarm also went off at one point so we all had to go outside and the firemen came.


[We made it onto the flyers for the next few skool disco nights.]

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