“Get the fuck off my car!!” – 25th September 2001

Tuesday 25th I had introduction lecture things again today and then I had to sort out my tuition fees, loan, student ID and NUS card.

I got extremely confused with all the forms and forgot to hand over my tuition fees cheque. While I was waiting to sort it out, the others off my course disappeared so I spent the rest of the time wandering round aimlessly trying to find someone I knew and where I should’ve been going next.

We all decided to leave the flat tonight and go into Huddersfield to find our way round more bars. I saw Jake at the bus stop and he was on the phone to Connor. Jake then informed me that Connor and Abby have split up! To be honest I’m not all that surprised cos she can be very moody and he can be a right pain in the arse.

Tonight we paid a visit to Milton Hall bar [Students’ Union bar], O’Neill’s, Revolution and the queue for Visage. At one point I found a pedestrians sign by the road so (because we were drunk) someone thought it’d be a good idea to put it on someone’s car windscreen. We were proved wrong when a huge bloke came out of a nearby building yelling, “Get the fuck off my car!!”We ran.

When we got back we played Fuck A Dog really loudly again. Hee hee! 🙂 I’m surprised we’ve had no complaints yet!

I noticed Jake tonight spending quite a bit of time with some girl called Bronwen. Hmm. She’s unfortunately quite pretty and her brother runs the ski club so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s after her. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit bothered.


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