I haven’t shut up! – 23rd & 24th September 2001

Sunday 23rd Katy and I went into Huddersfield today to find our way round a bit better. We managed to locate most of the bars etc. so it was a pretty successful outing!

When I arrived back at the flat, everyone had moved in. A lad called Marc Huxley’s in room 1, Lewis is in room 2, Ronan’s in 3, Violet’s in 4, I’m in 5 and Layla’s in 6. Everyone seems nice enough.

We all decided to go out tonight together but beforehand we all had a drink in Lewis’s room. We were playing Blink 182’s Fuck A Dog and I said something about Jake’s really pink shirt and Ronan blurted out, “Would anyone mind if I’m gay?” When we all said no, he introduced his boyfriend James to us all. It’s weird too cos before I left home I said I hoped I’d be living with a gay lad cos I’d miss Gethin etc!

We all went to the Sharkey’s cocktail bar in the town and got really pissed. I found out that Marc and I are the only ones in our flat without a boyfriend/girlfriend. I also saw Jill Baines from college in there. I didn’t know she was coming here. She’s at High Green Court and is doing Physiotherapy.

I saw Jake in his kitchen when I got back so I went down to say hi. Claire in his flat started telling people I was his ex and asked if we’d applied together. She carried on talking about me when I left but I couldn’t quite hear what was being said. The stupid cow also asked me about Andy from last night, right in front of Jake. Grrr!! I felt really guilty about that cos Katy confirmed Jake saw me but he was being normal with me today.


Monday 24th It was the first day of the induction week of all the courses today. Everybody in the flat got the bus down together so I was sat with Marc. We just chatted like I’ve been doing with other people. I’m quite pleased with myself actually. I thought I might go all shy around all these new people but in actual fact, I haven’t shut up!

There aren’t all that many people on my course (Environmental Science with Geography), only 6, but we’re mixed in with people from other courses like Environmental Analysis and Environmental Health.

Everyone seems okay but there are quite a few older people. I spent most of the time chatting to the people my age, mainly Archie, Jen (Jennifer), Jonathan and Paul who had his interview on the same day as me.

A few of us went to McDonald’s at lunch and I discovered how just about everyone is totally knackered after a severe lack of sleep this weekend.

I didn’t do all that much this evening. Lewis drove us all down to Morrison’s then we went to the Arbar pub here at Storthes, watched Lock, Stock + 2 Smoking Barrels with Lewis and Marc and then headed for bed.


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