I basically told him to fuck off – 22nd September 2001

Saturday 22nd Well, I’ve finally moved to Huddersfield. All my family (plus Mollie!) came along to help me move in so I got myself sorted pretty quickly.

My flat’s right on the end at the top of the building and I’ve got a pretty unimpressive view of the car park. It’s not bad though.

I was the first person in my flat and I was there for quite a while on my own until a girl called Violet turned up. However, she went home again for the first night. Then a lad called Lewis arrived with his girlfriend Lisa. He didn’t really speak to me and just spent most of the time in his room with her. A while later, Ronan arrived but then I didn’t see him again after he introduced himself and went off with his mates. A girl called Layla came last today and did the same as Violet and went home again. She left a note though saying she’ll be back tomorrow afternoon.

Later on I had a call from Katy from the internet saying she’d arrived. I actually saw her unloading a minibus full of stuff and thought it could’ve been her and was right. We met up between our blocks and went for a wander so she could get her bus pass.

Before and after I met up with Katy I spent a lot of time in Jake’s flat or walking round with him and Ben off the internet. Both Ben and Katy seemed nice enough and very chatty.

A group of us went to The Arboretum tonight to test out the bar. It was a pretty good night actually. There was:

  • Me
  • Katy
  • Ben
  • Jake
  • A lad that looks about 13
  • A girl called Claire from Ben and Jake’s flat
  • A girl called Karen from the 13 year old’s flat
  • Katy’s flatmates Darren and George
  • Daryl from Blackpool
  • Lee from Leicester
  • Gavin (a chef!) and his mate Matt.

Considering I got pretty upset when my family left cos I thought I was going to be on my own, I turned out to be fine and chatted to loads of people. Lewis also came with us for a bit.

At the end when we were dancing, a lad called Andy grabbed me and started dancing with me and I lost may mates after I went with [snogged] him so he walked me back to Boothroyd. I just wanted to go to sleep but he managed to persuade me to let him come up and then into my room. Shortly afterwards, mid-snog, he got hold of my hand and shoved it down his pants. I didn’t want to do anything cos I was tired and couldn’t be bothered so I thought he’d go away.

He didn’t. He kept saying things like “that feels beautiful” and “you’re gorgeous” and that I had a nice bum but it just made me cringe and want to get rid of him more. He then asked me why I wouldn’t go down on him and I said that I wasn’t a complete slut.

He also didn’t get the hint that I was on my period every time I stopped him sticking his hand in my pants. I said all sorts of things to indicate it but I think he was too pissed to realise as well as being a bit thick. He said he wouldn’t go for someone easy, just someone he liked the look of. Yeah right!

He got my phone number after picking me up, putting me on the bed and stripping himself from the waist down before I basically told him to fuck off. He was such a knob and tried to sleep on my floor and told about his flatmates getting pregnant and trying to hang themselves.

As soon as he left I felt really guilty cos I realised Jake probably saw me with him. I wouldn’t have liked seeing him with another girl but then I don’t really know if he’d care. Jake seemed really flirty with me tonight so I’m also worried I’ve ruined a chance. He was sticking his tongue out at me, touching my nose, and smacked and pinched my arse, and hugged me. He was being generally nice and I don’t know why. It must’ve been because he was pissed maybe!


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