My stomach keeps flipping when I think about it – 20th & 21st September 2001

Thursday 20th I spoke to Saz again today online and it was sooo freaky! We were chatting about Cat and the dominatron and I mentioned Club Europe. We ended up discovering that not only had we been to all the same places with Club Europe but Swing Band and her school stayed in the same hotel at the same time in Valkenburg! She’s got leaflets from our concerts and I remember watching her band play on the bandstand. Weird!

Denny, Cat and I did The Run tonight. Rocky and Gethin joined us at one point but then left.


Friday 21st Aaarrgghhh!!! I’m going to uni tomorrow morning! It’s sooo scary! I’ve had to pack all my stuff up and I’m really excited but nervous at the same time. I’ve not got a clue where I’ve got to go this week or anything and I’m worried about who I’ll be living with and stuff. Ugh, my stomach keeps flipping when I think about it.

Lizzie came home tonight so we sat in The Grey Hen with Cat, Rocky and Denny. She says she’s home for sleep and she’s really enjoying it but it feels like a holiday. She said I’ll be fine… I hope she’s right!

I sent my picture to another lad called Matt online. He said I was gorgeous and a stunner. Hah!!

I spoke to Katy briefly too. She’s nervous as well and says she’ll text/ring me when she gets there tomorrow afternoon and we can go for a drink in our pub next door! I’m so worried but excited at the same time. I’m bound to forget something important too!


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