Huge orange patches all over her face – 19th September 2001

Wednesday 19th I went into Warrington with Cat today cos she was meeting Matt (the dominatron) and didn’t want to go on her own. The day turned out to be a complete disaster!

First of all, Cat didn’t get up in time so we had to get a later bus then when we finally arrived, Cat said she looked hideous and so we went in The Body Shop so she could use the tester concealers to cover up her spots. It all looked fine indoors but when we got into daylight I noticed Cat had huge orange patches all over her face where she’s used the tester.

Then Dominatron Matt rang and said his mate’s car had had a puncture near Birmingham and they weren’t sure if they were going to make it. So, Cat was a bit pissed off and decided to get lunch. After buying and eating an egg sandwich, Dominatron Matt said he would be able to come after all cos they’d got the AA out. Cat then munched her way through a pack of chewing gum to get rid of any eggy bits cos he said he was going to hug and kiss her, with tongues, when he first saw her.

They said they’d be a couple of hours but asked for directions to Cat’s village anyway. Neither of us had a clue so we went into the bookshop to find a map. We were there for ages trying to work out where to come off the motorway and if we hadn’t left when we did, I think the shop assistants would’ve chucked us out!

Cat then rang Dominatron Matt to give him directions but her credit ran out mid-conversation. He rang back but then her battery died so there was no way to contact him.

Before we went back to Cat’s, we went in a couple of clothes shops. Cat found a big fluffy jumper and tried it on. When she saw herself, she said, “I should’ve been born a Muppet!” We then turned round to see a bunch of shop girls giggling at her in an “aww, bless her” sort of way!

[The Muppet jumper.]

On the walk back to Cat’s from the bus, it started pouring with rain so we both got soaked and Cat’s hair went all fluffy.

After all that, I has to go home before Dominatron Matt arrived so I never got to see what he was like. I’ve sent Cat 5 messages and she hasn’t replied. Hmm.

I went online tonight and got chatting to people going to Huddersfield again. There was one lad who’ll be living in Jenkinson Court at Storthes call Rob who does snowboarding. He sent a photo and he’s not bad. He said he had a girlfriend until 3 weeks ago but it wasn’t serious cos they were “just good mates in a relationship”. Anyway, he suggested we go to the school disco thing on Thursday. I think I’d rather see him first. He said he went to Amsterdam and smoked cannabis but said he’s not a pothead or owt. I don’t know why he told me that really!

I spoke to Saz again too. She said she really likes me name cos it sounds “romantic”. 🙂 That’s nice!


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