I had him first! HAH!!! – 17th & 18th September 2001

Monday 17th I had my last driving lesson before I go to uni today. I’ve got to try and get home for more lessons and a test. We’ll see!

I also went to the doctor to have my blood pressure taken. He’s given me 6 months’ worth of pills too. I hope I don’t lose them!


Tuesday 18th Yey!!! 🙂 I’ve finally got my uni address! If people want to send stuff, they’ve got to send it to:

Boothroyd Court, Block D, Flat 5, Room 5
Storthes Hall Park Student Village
Storthes Hall Lane
West Yorkshire

How cool is that?! I’ve got my own address.

I texted Jake to tell him and he rang me later which surprised me. He’s at Saville Court, Block C. He told me he’s spoken to Samantha Breck who was there last year and apparently our 2 buildings are the best/liveliest ones to be in. Mine’s nearest the pub! 🙂 She warned Jake that he’s on the bottom floor (she was in the flat next to his) and that things get nicked more often cos it’s easier to get in and out. That means I’m probably on the top floor which I can see being a struggle sometimes!

He also told me that he did The Run [pub crawl] on Friday with Niall, Emma and Suzanna etc. Charming! He won’t do it with us! He did say he’ll try and come out with us this week but I won’t be expecting it.

I also had a phone call from Gethin today. He was saying how he was upset by our messages from Saturday and that he was “honestly” going to come and see me to say goodbye. Yeh right!

I’ve been going on http://www.virginstudent.com over the last few days cos I got a leaflet about it and it’s really good. I’ve got in contact and have been chatting to other people going to Huddersfield at the weekend.


  • A girl called Katy who’s 19 from Norfolk.
  • A girl called Saz (Sarah) who’s 18 from York.
  • A woman called Lynda who’s 22 and is doing Environmental Analysis.
  • A Welsh girl called Carys who’s unsure about her sexuality, has slit her wrists and is doing Geography with Environment Science.
  • A lad called Ben who I’m going to tell you about separately cos it’s sooo freaky.

Okay, Ben was introduced to me on MSN Messenger by Saz and we got talking about where we’re living and I discovered he’s in the same flat as Jake and in the room next door to him. Out of 1500ish people, what are the chances of that?! So, I immediately rang Jake and got him online and they started chatting. They’re into the same music, both ski, support crap footy teams, Ben’s doing Graphic Design and Jake’s doing Architecture so that’s a similar department, they think. Ben’s best mate also has the same surname as Jake! There were a few other weird coincidences too but I can’t think what now. Oh yeh, he sent me a photo (he’s not bad!) and he has the same hair and eyebrows as Jake!

Speaking of eyebrows, I’m sure Jake’s been plucking his. They used to have a few faint hairs that met in the middle and when I last saw him, those hairs were kind of stubbly!

All the people I’ve been speaking to have decided we should meet up when we get there so that could be interesting to see what they actually look like. I discovered Katy’s also in Boothroyd but in Block A which is probably at the other end to me. She’s going on Saturday too.

Jake rang me again later to ask what the Virgin website address was cos his roommate from Canada wanted to know. I went online again later and Jake and a girl called Nicola (who I’ve also spoken to) were chatting. They invited me to their conversation and I found myself getting really bothered when he kept saying “aww” and “cute” when she was talking about guinea pigs and losing her gloves. I also found out he’s promised Saz and Nicole he’ll teach them to ski when we get there. He’d better help me improve skiing then.

I supposed I’d better get used to him being all popular with girls. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that I had him first! HAH!!! 🙂


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