He was such a good kisser! – 14th & 15th September 2001

Friday 14th Wow! Jake sent me a message today totally out of the blue. He said, “HELLO! HOW ARE YOU? JUST GOT BACK FROM WALES – LOVELY PLACE… NOT! HAVE YOU HAD UR ADDRESS THOUGH FROM HUDDS? ARE YOU READY/EXCITED? xJx”

I replied to him and then spoke to him on the phone for quite a while about everything going on with uni and stuff. He said Wales was crap and it was only him and 3 other lads. He’s moving house the day before we got to uni. He also asked me to get his CD off Cat. Hee hee! I will cos I want to tape it! 🙂


Saturday 15th I went to Cat’s for a bit this evening and then Lizzie picked us up and we went into town. It turned out to be a really good night actually.

Lizzie had arranged to meet a girl called Kim who she swims with so we went and found her and her friends first in Wetherspoons. It was really busy in there so we decided to move on. Kim and her mates either tried to get into over 21’s bars or really busy ones and all we wanted was a drink.

We lost them in the end cos Lizzie stopped and said hi to Stoned Rob as he walked past us so we went to Edison’s on our own. We got a few drinks down us in there because unless you’re pissed when you go in Smith’s, it has the tendency to be crap. They were playing some good old tunes in Edison’s so we stayed and listened to that as we drank before leaving when the place began to empty.

We went straight to Smith’s cos it was getting quite late after that. It cost us £6 to get in! Rip off! It was packed though and there seemed to be slightly older people in instead of the 14 year old scallies which tend to congregate there on Tuesdays and Fridays. That made it much more enjoyable because I really can’t stand scallies.

While we were waiting for people to start dancing, we decided to send a joint text to Gethin because he’s pissed us off. Jake told me that Gethin said to him (on one of the many occasions Jake’s been at his house) that he couldn’t be arsed seeing everyone cos he’s seen and said goodbye to all the people he wants to. Fucker! We’ve not seen him for ages. It sounds like he’s been too busy with Jake! So, I told the others what Gethin said and they weren’t best pleased either. I can’t remember what we put now but it was a bit on the evil side! 🙂

Anyway, eventually the dance floors began to fill up so Cat, Lizzie and I went and had a good old dance. Unfortunately, a total gimp who used to be in our year at school, Ian Bratley, and his sidekick, Simon Robson, danced in our direction so we shoved them out of our way and moved.

Cat went in a bit of a mood at one point (which I later found out was cos she wanted Matt the dominatron) and wouldn’t dance. Lizzie and I tried to cheer her up but it didn’t work and she wandered off. We wouldn’t have found her so we stayed where we were, got our arses felt on many occasions, and eventually she came back and danced again. PMT.

There was some lad (not a bad one either!) in a red Ferrari shirt who kept dancing up against me. It was obvious he was trying it on and I might have gone for it had the DJ not announced something about him being sweaty! However, I ended up wishing I’d just snogged him after Lizzie went with some bald bloke and then got together with dopey Mike (the friend of chef Matt who I had) and I thought I wasn’t going to pull at all.

But then… :)… Cat and I started dancing again and I noticed a lad looking at me through the crowd. He looked away as soon as I noticed but looked back again when he thought I couldn’t see. So, I grabbed Cat and danced in his direction. He then started dancing very close behind me but I had my back to him and couldn’t see. Cat warned me that he looked like he was about to make a move but I ignored her cos that’s what I wanted!

I turned round so I was side on to him and he actually asked if I minded if he danced with me. Lads in Smith’s don’t make a habit of asking, they usually just grab you. I thought it was sweet so I said “No”, meaning “No, I don’t mind” but he took it as “No, piss off!” and started to turn away so I grabbed him by the sleeve and explained what I meant. So we ended up dancing and we moved closer and snogged pretty soon afterwards. He was such a good kisser! He got it just right. It was like Jake was once we got used to each other, only this was perfect first time. He was quite nice looking too! 🙂

I then noticed Cat stood on her own near me and I felt guilty. I asked the lad I was with (he was called Adam) if he had any mates for her but they’d all wandered off so I just prodded the nearest fit lad and pointed at Cat. It worked! They were snogging for ages!

Adam and I kept kissing and smiling during it when we noticed Cat trying to keep her lad’s hands from going up her top and down her pants. Adam didn’t try anything like that which was also nice and I was with him until we left.

Every time I said I was hot, he started blowing on me to cool me down. It was so sweet! The most he did was put him hand on my bum while we were kissing but I didn’t mind that. When I went to get some water, he came too and even offered to pay when he’d only had a few sips.

We started talking at the bar cos we could hear better. I found out he lives in Milton Keynes and is just visiting a mate who lives in Lymm but he said he used to live in Warrington about a year ago and had come to town to see if it’d changed. He said he did computing at uni and had either just finished or he’s in his last year (I can’t remember) so he was probably in his early 20s. He said he took a sandwich course and worked in Manchester for a year.

We went back and danced for a bit longer and kissed more and then a woman came round with a bucket of roses. Adam paid £2 and bought me a pink one then kissed me on the cheek and when I said “Thanks” he said, “You’re worth it!” He didn’t say it in a creepy slimy way, he said it really nicely. Mmm. 🙂

He constantly held my hand when we walked around and waited for me to get my coat when we had to leave. He had to wait outside for his mates and I had to go to the taxi place so we had one last kiss goodbye and parted. I really didn’t want to stop kissing him though, it really was so nice!

I’ve just remembered. At one point when I said I was too hot, he suggested we went outside. That was the only point when I thought he might have been wanting to try something but then he seemed too nice. He probably just meant the entrance anyway cos we’d have had to pay to get back in again and we couldn’t afford it.

I wish I had his phone number or something but then I suppose he does live miles away and if he turned out to be a creep or weird I’d be disappointed and it would ruin what I thought was a really nice/good night.


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