It doesn’t seem real – 11th September 2001

Tuesday 11th I was listening to the radio this afternoon while I was on the computer and the DJ suddenly said to switch on the news cos there’s been a plane crash in New York. I waited a while and then went to see what was going on.

Just before I switched Sky News on, a 2nd plane had crashed into the World Trade Centre. It was on film because the news crew had got to the scene because of the first crash. That just looked like an accident but when the 2nd one hit it was obvious it was deliberate.

I just can’t believe it. It doesn’t seem real.

I couldn’t stop watching the news because it was so unbelievable. As I watched, more and more awful things happened such as the plane hitting the Pentagon and the one crashing in Pittsburg and then seeing the WTC towers collapse while there were still people inside.

It must’ve been awful, especially for those on the hijacked planes because they must’ve known they were going to die. It’s so hard and awful to imagine.

It just looked like the scene of an earthquake or something when the towers collapsed and all the clouds of dust were so scary.

It didn’t feel right somehow after what’s happened in America but Lizzie, Cat, Isaac, Denny and I all went out to Warrington tonight. We went in Edison’s first where they were showing the news on the little TVs and Denny and Isaac told us how they went in the WTC when they went to New York a couple of months back. Scary!

While we were in Edison’s, we had a 1 minute silence for the people in New York. The DJ said we in Warrington especially should do it because our town’s been a victim of terrorism with the bomb a few years back.

We went pretty much straight to Smith’s after Edison’s. I pulled once. It was some lad called Mike, He wasn’t all that fit but he was nice enough and quite a good kisser! He didn’t dive straight in there either, he held my hands first. Meanwhile, Cat snogged his mate. She said it was awful!


2 thoughts on “It doesn’t seem real – 11th September 2001

  1. Thanks for posting this. Interesting to see the reaction from a non-US citizen. I was supposed to take a driver’s test that morning to get the motorcycle endorsement on my license. I was riding my motorcycle to the office first and was behind a jeep and could hear their radio and got bits and pieces of it, but thought it was a fire happening local. Once I got into the office a co-worker let me know what happened, then I left to take my rider’s test. When I got there they were closing, but the tester found out I was in the military reserves and let me take the test. While he was setting up the cones, he heard me talking to my military leadership. Technically I probably should’ve passed the test, but he passed me. A month later I was back on active duty getting ready to go to Afghanistan for the first time.


    • It’s one of those horrific events that, wherever you were in the world, you remember exactly what you were doing when it happened. My memory of it is so vivid even 20 years later. It must be the initial shock of it happening, never mind it getting even worse as it went on. It must’ve been even worse and more shocking over there. Interesting to read your memory of that day too.

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