Slagging off all the shit stuff – 6th & 9th September 2001

Thursday 6th I got woken up really early this morning by Cat and Denny talking loudly. Cat was telling him how he’d been talking in his sleep. She said he was just mumbling at first then suddenly said, “Take them to South Beach”!

We went to the Tate Modern today to avoid Cat sulking. It wasn’t too bad actually. Denny and I had fun slagging off all the shit stuff off e.g. a big grey square.

The piano hanging from the ceiling was funny. Unfortunately it didn’t move while the others were stood underneath it saying they hoped it didn’t fall. That would’ve been so funny! They might’ve wet themselves though, which wouldn’t have been very pleasant!

We went for a quick wander round Covent Garden before heading back to the hostel to get our bags. When we tried to get our bags out of the locker we couldn’t and panicked and all the members of staff tried to help us before we realised we were trying to open the wrong locker! It was a bit embarrassing!

The train journey back went really quickly. It was really funny and we were laughing most of the way. I can’t remember why now. It probably had something to do with the free alcohol though!


Friday 7th I had a driving lesson this morning and then I did The Run [pub crawl] tonight. It was okay apart from the fact I caused a fall out between Michael and Sarah by saying something hinting towards what Sarah did with her assistant manager at work. He then immediately wanted to know EVERYTHING. They sorted it out eventually.

We were expecting Jake to come this week with Connor but he didn’t. Connor said he went round to Jake’s and he was all dressed up like he was going out but told Connor he wasn’t. Hmm.


Saturday 8th There was a squirrel in the garden today and that’s about the most exciting thing that happened.

Oh, we recorded our 3rd CD with Swing Band this morning at school but that was really boring.


Sunday 9th Cat, Michael and I all went along to Sarah’s work leaving do tonight at the Exchange bar place in the Trafford Centre.

We didn’t sit with the work people and Sarah cos we felt a bit out of place but Sarah said I was being admired. It was some lad called Anthony who fancied me. He wasn’t bad actually. He came over at one point and said, “You can come and sit with us if you want. We don’t mind… honestly!” Then he looked at me. 🙂

He was fit and laughed when I said I couldn’t buy a round cos I had all of 12p. However, Cat refused to go over cos she didn’t want to be left on her own. I wasn’t very pleased.

Some girl told Mike (the bloke Sarah had that time) that he looked gay. He wasn’t amused!


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