Liar!! – 30th August 2001

Thursday 30th I sent Jake a message this morning. My aim was to act nice at first and find out as much as possible about last night and then get mad with him. It worked too!

In my 1st message I asked if he was still up for Leicester and then included a bit saying my sis and Connor saw him last night. He replied saying he went to see the band etc. so I sent him a 2nd message asking if they were good and who went. He said it was good and that Gethin, Niall, Dougie, Isaac and Emma went. I knew Emma would be there! Apparently it was Dougie who asked him though.

I then got angry with him and decided not to let him get away with it so I sent another saying, “NICE TO KNOW YOU THOUGHT OF ME. SO MUCH FOR BEING YOUR “BEST FRIEND”! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I FORGOT ABOUT YOU? THANX”.

He replied saying not to blame him and there was no room in the car. So, I pointed out that I saved a seat for him when there was only one car going to Ainsdale (but that was a lie!) and that I still invited him when Rocky’s car was full on Tuesday night.

His reply was that it wasn’t up to him to invite people so I told him it wasn’t up to me to invite people to Ainsdale or town. He also said he only found out at 6pm (but that was a lie cos Dougie mentioned it on Tuesday) so I said if he could make it when he only just found out, I could’ve too!

I also pointed out that when I sent him a message last night asking what he was up to, he sent a reply at 6:45pm saying he was watching Hollyoaks! Liar!!

He didn’t reply to that message so I’m assuming I’ve won that argument! 🙂


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