I’ve sworn Lizzie to secrecy – 27th & 28th August 2001

Monday 27th Rhian split up with Marc today. I think she dumped him actually.


Tuesday 28th 3 car loads of people ended up going to Ainsdale beach this morning. In Karen’s car there was me, Karen, Lizzie, Cat and Sam the dog. In Henry Rockwell’s car there was Rocky, Isaac and Denny. Then in Robbie’s car there was Robbie, Jake and Rory.

We all met at Karen’s at 9am and everyone else followed her car cos she was the only one who knew where she was going. Robbie decided to overtake a few times and then ended up missing turnings and things so it took a while to get there cos we had to keep waiting for him to catch up again.

It was really nice and sunny when we got there and we found a nice sand dune to set our stuff behind.

Nobody did much except chill all day and it was really good. Well, apart from Jake being a bit of a bitch at one point. He decided to weave marram grass so I went over and sat with him while everyone else was burying Karen, Robbie, Rory and Lizzie.

I asked what he was going to do with his weavy things and he snapped, “I don’t know!” at me. I asked him why he said it like that and he said to stop asking stupid questions about weaving and stuff. I was pissed off to start with (and still am a bit cos there was no need for it) but forgave him in the end and he gave me a hug.

Cat and I took Sam down to the sea at one point and then immediately wished we hadn’t. It was gross! As the waves went out they were leaving all sorts of manky things behind. I didn’t paddle for too long!

The barbecue was a bit crap. To start with we couldn’t get it lit and then nothing cooked except the burgers which we didn’t have enough buns for!

On the way back, Karen very nearly killed us all in her car. We got to a junction but Karen didn’t notice and drove straight across to the road at the other side. Luckily there was nothing coming so we all laughed but it’s put me off getting in a car with her again!

Most people annoyed me today actually.

  • Karen spent most of the time bossing us all about while strutting about in her half top and hotpants.
  • Jake was being all moody.
  • Isaac kept making sarcastic comments and moaning when we decided to move away from the path where people could see the bbq.
  • Rory was just being really loud and generally annoying.
  • Lizzie decided to go into vivid detail about what she got up to with blokes in Cyprus….. very loudly.
  • Robbie was being nasty about people constantly.
  • Rocky was being boring and wouldn’t even take his shoes and socks off.

The only ones that didn’t irritate me were Cat, Denny and the dog!

This evening, Lizzie, Karen, Rocky, Isaac, Jake and I all went into Warrington. I didn’t particularly want Jake to go cos I wanted a good night with my mates without him being there to upset me but I invited him anyway cos I didn’t want him feeling left out. So, when Jake did arrive my face must’ve fallen very obviously because he noticed.

We all stayed in Edison’s for a bit and then Dougie, Ewan and Emma turned up. I wasn’t all that pleased to see Emma cos I couldn’t stand watching Jake follow her round as usual. Then we all moved on to Brannigan’s.

On the way I had a chat with Jake and asked him if he’d snogged anyone else yet. He said he doesn’t see why he should snog someone first. I kind of wanted him to say he had in a way cos, even though I’d have been upset, it would’ve got it out of the way before we go to uni. I would also feel less guilty if I went with [snogged] someone else. Not that I should have to feel guilty though.

It was boring in Brannigan’s so Lizzie and I went back to Edison’s due to more people being there and cheaper drinks. The 2 lads who’d been looking at our group of friends all night were still there. The slightly more minging one came over in the end and asked us to sit with them. I wasn’t sure but I didn’t have much choice cos Lizzie had already gone and sat down!

They seemed ok, I just haven’t been chatted up/flirted with for ages so it was weird and I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I went over anyway and it was fine. They’d obviously decided which of us they were going to target and I got the better looking one. Lizzie’s was 18 and a lifeguard called Mike. He looked a bit dopey but did most of the talking.

The one I got stuck with seemed a bit shy. He was called Matt and said he’s a chef in London and works 2 weeks then comes home for 2 weeks all the time. He’s from Newton I think he said. Matt was the one who Emma had earlier said looked a bit like Jamie off Eastenders (Jack Ryder – mmm!) and it was quite true. When I told him, he asked me if that was a good thing but I didn’t know what to say so I told him Jamie’s quite nice but he doesn’t look that much like him! I don’t think he took offence or anything.

A while later, the lads started whispering to each other and then Mike spoke to Lizzie and she leaned over and said Matt wanted to know if I was interested in him. I kind of shrugged cos I felt like it was a bit too soon after Jake to go snogging someone else but then I thought, why shouldn’t I?!

Nothing happened until we got outside though. Lizzie and I had to leave to meet the others so Lizzie and Mike just snogged and got each other’s phone numbers. Matt then turned round to me and said, “This is awkward”. I agreed and he said, “Shall we do something about it?” (cringe!) so I shrugged again and he moved in and kissed me.

It was really weird cos I’m so used to Jake and it being good cos we were used to each other. It was a bit crap but I was quite pleased that I’d done it! He squeezed my arse during it (I had a long coat on so it wasn’t obvious!) and then held my hand and squeezed my hand before I walked off to meet the others.

I’ve sworn Lizzie to secrecy and only Sarah and Cat know too. I don’t want it getting back to Jake cos I don’t want it to encourage him to go with some other girl or cause an argument or anything.


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