He probably thinks I’m an alcoholic – 26th August 2001

Sunday 26th I switched my old mobile phone on today and a message came through from Duncan. He’d sent it at 3:15am after Marc’s party and it said, “WHAT WAS WRONG 2NITE?” I was bored so I sent Duncan a message from my new phone just to tell him I’ve got a different number. I didn’t expect a reply but I got one. It didn’t really say much and said he’s not normally as pissed as he was at that party. Yeah right!

I also found out today that Jake went to a lock-in at The Grey Hen last night with some of his mates and they then went back to Niall’s for a bit. Oh well, he didn’t get to go to Gay Fest. Hah!

I went with Michael and Sarah to somewhere near Southport tonight. They were going to see Michael’s mate Jon Quigley from school and wanted me to go too, probably so Jon wouldn’t be a gooseberry!

On the way we got severely lost and didn’t think we were going to make it. Michael had arranged to meet him in some pub where he works at 8pm but we couldn’t find it. We’d been given directions to go down Red Cat Lane and then go down the road before Martin Mere. We kept missing the road and just driving up and down bloody Red Cat Lane! When we eventually discovered the turning, found Gorse Lane and the pub, Jon wasn’t there. He’d finished his shift at 4pm and hadn’t bothered to tell us!

So, Michael tried ringing Jon’s mobile but it’s new and he hadn’t even got it out of the box. He instead rang his house, only to discover Jon was in bed. He is also a milkman and had to work from midnight til 8am and so was getting some sleep first. He did get out of bed though for us and told us to go round for a bit.

Sarah and I had a look in Michael’s yearbook to find a picture of Jon and when we did it wasn’t too impressive. However… :)… when we got to his house and Jon was waiting for us, I discovered it must’ve just been a very, very bad picture cos in real life, Jon is very, very nice!! 🙂 So’s his house. If that’s what he looked like when he’s just got out of bed then I’d love to see him normally! Mmm!

He seems like a nice lad too and gave me a vodka and coke to drink. He probably thinks I’m an alcoholic now and so probably didn’t fancy me back.

We were just talking about uni and stuff. He got 3 Bs and a D at A Level and is going to Newcastle Uni. I also got to see photos of his leaving do with lots of lads in suits. 🙂 Very nice!

We didn’t stay long cos he needed to get some sleep. I just hope Michael lets me know if he’s ever going to visit him again!


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