All manky and sweaty – 25th August 2001

Saturday 25th I saw Jake for an hour today and that was it cos he was going to see his friend. He was all manky and sweaty cos he’d ridden his bike here. Yuck!

While he was here, he told me he’s probably going to Toronto for a year of work at uni. I’m kind of glad I’m not still with him if he’s going to fuck off to Canada again! He kissed (a peck) and hugged me before leaving.

I went to Gay Fest in Manchester tonight with Gethin, Nell, Denny, Cat, Isaac, Rory and Robbie. It was quite good. Someone asked Gethin if he had any speed (must’ve been the way he was dancing!) and offered Robbie ecstasy! They declined with thanks!

We ended up splitting up cos some of us wanted to go to McDonald’s. When we met up again, Robbie had really enjoyed himself with Gethin, Nell and Rory (the gay ones) which was quite funny cos I wouldn’t have thought a gay night was this thing.

Nell was being a bitch towards Gethin cos he’d snogged Rory but no-one understood why she was being like that!


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