He thinks I’m moping about at home – 21st & 22nd August 2001

Tuesday 21st I went with Mum to the Madeline Lindley bookshop somewhere near Grandma’s and then went to see Grandma afterwards. While I was there I got a text message from Jake saying, “HI! I FEEL AWFUL AFTER WHAT YOU SAID LAST NIGHT! I THOUGHT WE AGREED ABOUT IT! IT’S ALL MY FAULT + I’M REALLY SORRY! : ( I DON’T WANT IT TO BE LIKE LAST NIGHT. I JUST FELT REALLY OUT OF PLACE! : ( xJx”.

Oh, so he wasn’t that bothered that I was upset, he’s just more concerned about being left out. At least he apologised and seems to have some sort of conscience! He also wished me luck for my driving theory test (which I’m going to fail tomorrow) and said night night.


Wednesday 22nd I had to go to Manchester today to do my theory test. It was booked for 12 noon but when I went in, I didn’t have some piece of paper that goes with the provisional licence. They wouldn’t let me sit my test without it so I went to find Mum and we rang the DVLA. They faxed the paper through to the theory test place so then I just had to wait for a cancellation or something.

I eventually got to do it and ended up getting 33 out of 35 which is a pass. 🙂 I had to get 30 to pass and there were 6 questions I didn’t know the answers to! I must’ve guessed most of them right though! 🙂

Mum then took me round Manchester to get things like walking boots for my uni course. We had a look in Blacks and the lad who served us said he knew a couple of people who were doing environmental courses at Huddersfield.

Jake texted me today and offered to come round tomorrow if I was bored. That kind of annoyed me in a way cos it sounded like he thinks I’m moping about at home doing nothing because I’ve not got him to keep me company.


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