Confusing and a bit cruel – 20th August 2001

Monday 20th During today I went with Mum to take the new but broken hob back to the shop in Bolton, sorted out uni stuff and then took Mollie for a walk to Pennington Flash.

This evening Isaac had a party so I went round there. Jake spent most of the night moving round the house to wherever Emma was and ignoring me. Well, that was until the end when we had a bit of a fall out and Gethin shut us in the bathroom so we could make up.

He said he still loves me and really wants to stay best of friends and stuff. He hugged me a lot and also, on more than one occasion, pecked a kiss on my lips which included a bit of tongue. That was nice but confusing and a bit cruel. He also squeezed my bum when he came up to me at one point.

When we’d calmed down he told me that we might get back together and he doesn’t want to stay split up forever but is confused. I don’t believe him. I think he was just saying it to try and cheer me up a bit and therefore stop his guilt because I told him splitting up isn’t what I wanted.

Gethin was being really nice to me all night. He’d been chatting to both me and Jake but said that he’d been friends with me longer so he’ll always be there for me. He hugged me when I was upset at Jake going to the chippy with 2 people plus Emma and just generally made me feel better. He also said how much he used to fancy me again but then not long after that he said he really does think he’s gay. Hmm.

Sarah also cheered me up a bit by saying how Nip fancied me at Denny’s party. He’s 27 though so that’s much too old for me and he’s kind of with Lizzie and he’s not that nice. Sarah had to warn him off me because of Jake. Not that I’d have done owt anyway!

I found out that Sam’s surname is McParland and he’s been to a Caithness Glass factory.

Hah! I’ve just remembered Jake said he felt really guilty now and is worried I hate him.


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