I am not going to waste my time being upset over a lad – 19th August 2001

Sunday 19th I told Mum this morning about me and Jake and she hugged me and said it’d be okay. I needed to hear that!

Jake and I both helped Dad do some levels in some field today which was tiring. I was fine when I was with Jake and we held hands in the car but this evening (when he’d gone) I was really upset. Jake had said this might not be for good but he didn’t sound too convincing. He started saying he just doesn’t feel the same etc. again.

Mum was really nice to me again tonight. She said I will get over it and she knows cos it’s happened to her on more than one occasion. She said she’s cross with him for upsetting me so much and cos my family’s been really nice to him while his haven’t been quite so nice to me.

This really is not what I wanted at all but there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m actually annoyed with him now, even though that’s not really fair. Grrr!!

I am not going to waste my time being upset over a lad. After all I’ve said to my friends in the past, I can’t be hypocritical. Mind you, I have been with him for a long time so maybe I’ll let myself be a little bit upset… but not constantly. I refuse to be pathetic and whinge non-stop and bug all my friends!


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