I slapped Abby today – 11th August 2001

Saturday 11th We went to John o’Groats today to get presents and stuff. I bought Jake a pottery worm and a blue lump of glass.

We also went to the church in Wick to see Uncle R’s mural thing. It’s got him, Mr Boom and Moses holding a piece of jigsaw in it. Mr Boom’s in it cos the guy who plays him fell out with Uncle R and told him never to draw him again….. so now he puts him on everything! Moses is holding a piece of jigsaw cos they were going to do the mural like a jigsaw but changed their minds.

We also saw the old Sinclair crypt. It’s a bit creepy but pretty cool.

I slapped Abby today cos she started calling me pathetic for some reason. It made me feel better but I’m now scared she’s going to batter me back!


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