The vodka flowed – 10th August 2001

Friday 10th Abby and I left the lighthouse today cos we’re staying in Rhian’s room tonight. The lighthouse guy’s wife was showing some lad around this morning. He’d come all the way from New Zealand to trace the Sinclair clan (cos he is one) and he said he’d seen Sinclairs from Canada too.

It was Rhian’s boyfriend Marc’s party tonight so Rhian, Abby and I all went along. There were quite a lot of people squeezed into his bedroom at one point. I knew a few of them from previous trips to Wick but most people I’d never seen before. They were all nice enough though.

As the night progressed and the vodka flowed, it all got a bit more interesting. A lot of the lads decided it might be amusing to shave their heads and did it. A lad called “Jubb” ended up with a rather unattractive Mohican thing which was a shame cos he looked quite nice with hair.

Jubb spent a lot of time making me promise not to do anything with Duncan Morgan. Duncan was very obviously after me but he’s turned into a bit of a knob since I snogged him 2 years ago so I took Jubb’s advice and avoided him like the plague. Well, I tried anyway but he kept appearing and putting his arm round me and stuff. I kept telling him I had a boyfriend but he wouldn’t listen. Yuck!

I also had my arse grabbed by Colin Dunn a.k.a. Dunny as I was walking up the stairs but I didn’t mind that so much cos he’s far less minging than Duncan! Although he’s got a girlfriend, Kelly… who was there!

There was one lad there who I actually quite like cos he seemed fairly nice and normal and didn’t shave his head. For reasons as yet unknown to me, he’s called “Ferret”. I’ll have to find out why, along with his real name. Apparently he lives in the house where my dad’s family lived when they first moved to Wick. They left my dad where we live now though after moving down there for a couple of years from Thurso.

Later on when we went for a wander to Carter’s bar (no-one got in except me cos I had ID), I overheard some lads asking Ferret if I was the one he fancied. I never heard an answer. Damn it!

[Tess, Rhian and Abby]

A lad called Sandy gave us a lift back to Marc’s in his lovely yellow/orange Citroen Saxo. Some lad called Frodo then gave us a lift back to Rhian’s.

Overall it was a pretty good night. Jubb sent me a weird message which made no sense off Marc’s phone and when Rhian rang Marc, Duncan was asking if he could speak to me and Abby. Gimp! When he wasn’t groping me, he was asking Abby to persuade me to go with [snog] him. Yeah right!


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