She tried to wee on her biscuits – 8th August 2001

Wednesday 8th My family all went to see Mum and Dad’s friends that used to own the shop in our village. They moved up to Dunnet a few months ago.

Abby went horse riding on a horse called Richard and Dad wet fishing off the cliffs so Mum let me have a drive the car. I drove all the way to Gills to find out the ferry times to Orkney and then back again. I got followed by a police car for quite a way which was a bit worrying!

When we got back, Mollie was being really horrible to their dog, Marty, and she tried to wee on her biscuits! I also saw some buzzards.

When we went to Auntie Susan’s for tea, Rhian and Abby went out and I stayed and played on the computer with Tom. When they got back, Abby told me that Rhian said her mate, Laura Morgan, said Abby and I were miserable. Bitch! It’s probably just cos we refused to buy her fags last year!

I spoke to Jake later. He’s at his mate Hugo’s and is going rock climbing tomorrow. He also invited me to a party next week but I reckon it’s only cos I was moaning he never asked me to go out with his friends.


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