I’ll never pass my driving test – 6th August 2001

Monday 6th Dad got me and Abby insured on the car today so I was allowed to drive it round the quiet roads near the lighthouse. It’s so good!

We went to Auntie S’s again today and then into the town to get stuff to eat etc. I bought the OPM album Menace to Sobriety while I was there.

[God, I’d forgotten about this.]

When we got back I got really upset after having an argument with Abby. She was saying I’ll never pass my driving test and stuff but I got more upset than usual cos I was feeling a bit weak anyway cos of the funeral tomorrow. I’m really worrying about it and what it’s going to be like.

I got upset again later on because Abby and I had to write a card to put with our flowers for tomorrow. In the end, we just put something simple like, “Grandma, With all our love, Tessa and Abby xxx”.

As I drove back to the lighthouse tonight I had little birds flying along in front of the car all the way in the headlights. It was really weird but cute.


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