They just sat there screaming – 5th August 2001

Sunday 5th I’m now staying in the Laird’s Retreat at Noss Head. It’s pretty cool! We’re in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage right next to the lighthouse which actually works! There are 2 Shetland ponies outside which just wander around freely. They’re called Jet and Ruby and seem to eat anything! There are also Highland cows in a field down the track. They’re a bit scary though with their huge horns!

The guy who owns the place we’re in is called Ian Sinclair and he’s from Manchester. He’s making a kind of library about the Sinclair clan in his bit of the lighthouse because he’s a Sinclair (obviously!) and Sinclair and Girnigoe Castle is very near to us. I can see it from my bedroom window. I’m sharing a room with Abby and I’m glad about that cos it’s a bit creepy and I’d be scared on my own!

The journey up to Caithness wasn’t too bad and we managed it quite quickly too. I saw 2 yellow Puntos (my favourite car) on the way. One was in Tesco car park in Inverness and that was a good one cos it had the registration number: PI INTO

We went to Auntie S’s house first to see everyone. Other than Auntie S, Uncle G, Rhian, Tom and Minnie, my older cousin Jessica and her husband were there too. The house was full of flowers, sympathy cards and cakes. I think cakes are a much more useful (and tasty!) thing to send cos Auntie S is having so many visitors.

Auntie S, Jessica and Rhian came up to see the lighthouse this evening. About 10 mins after they left, Abby got a phone call from Auntie S saying they were trapped on the track cos the Highland cows were stood in front of the gate and wouldn’t budge. None of them wanted to get out of the car to open the gate so they just sat there screaming! Rhian even locked the doors! So, Dad had to go down and rescue them by scaring off the cows with a big stick. It was sooo funny!

I spoke to Jake on the phone and he told me he and his family are moving to the big new houses where the old hospital used to be. He also informed me Emma and Denny are having parties at some point in the week.


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