Grim, derelict and scary – 28th July 2000

Saturday 28th A big group of us all went to Liverpool tonight for Emma’s birthday. We were led by Niall Cafferty (cos he’d been before) and he’s a bit of a mosher so we ended up in some weird places including The Swan where we went first. It sounds like a nice, well-furnished pub but no, ‘pub’ is the only word there that can be used to describe it, along with other words such as grim, derelict and scary. We were the ones being stared at! Other than that and the heat, it wasn’t too bad!

A few of us decided to leave a bit early because it was way too hot and sweaty in there and we went to Revolution, the vodka bar, instead. I had a black cherry flavoured vodka and a dark chocolate mint one. Mmmm!

At 9pm we went to meet up with the others at Krazyhouse which was our main destination. Again, it was very hot in there but pretty cool.

Jake and I had a minor fall out cos he said he liked me because I’m “nice”. Don’t be creative with your compliments, will you?! I forgave him soon after once he’d said he loves me etc. a few times!

I’d have quite happily stayed in Krazyhouse but Cat, Lizzie, Denny and Jake were hot so I left with them and went back to Revolution. When we got bored of vodka, we wandered the streets, sat on a bench and then found nice, comfy sofas in Life Café. Then we met up with the others and went home to bed.


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