I accidentally threw one at his balls – 24th to 27th July 2000

Tuesday 24th Yey!! I’m home! 🙂 Today consisted of an extremely boring coach journey/ferry crossing during which I couldn’t buy much food due to leaving all my money in my suitcase. The highlight of the journey was when Cat passed a card round for all the College 2s to sign (as it’s our last trip) for Mr P. I took great delight in writing, “Thank you for 3 great trips! Love Tessa xxx”. I don’t know if he’ll notice but I’ve actually been on 4 trips. Ha ha ha!!! (evil laughter)


Wednesday 25th I had a nice lie in this morning and then Jake came round to see me later on. I got lots of hugs and kisses from him all day which was very nice. He said he missed me and felt sort of empty while I was away and that it’s nice to have me back. I’m very glad to hear that! 🙂


Thursday 26th Mmm. I got lots more kisses and cuddles from Jake today. We went to the Trafford Centre cinema and saw Evolution which was really good and funny.

It was on the news that there’s foot and mouth disease in our village at the farm over the railway and I can see it from my bedroom window. They’ve killed all the poor cows.


Friday 27th I saw Jake all day today cos it was nice and sunny so we lay about in the hammock and threw apples at each other. I accidentally threw one at his balls. I think it hurt a bit!

Everybody did The Run [a pub crawl] tonight, even though most people said they’re going to Liverpool for Emma’s birthday tomorrow too. I told Jake that I didn’t think I could go due to a severe money shortage. He started saying how he really wanted me to go cos it wouldn’t be the same without me.

At other points in the evening, Jake also called me an angel and said he loves me more than anything in the world. 🙂 Cool!


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