Feeling our faces with their hands – 23rd July 2000

Monday 23rd Well, it’s the last full day today. Normally I’d be upset to be leaving but this year I’m not.

We all spent the day at Phantasialand theme park which was quite good. It wasn’t huge but it had some good rides, including a runaway mine train thing. When we were in the dark bit, Gethin and Denny scared me and Cat by repeating what a waiter had done to Lizzie in Cyprus, saying, “Oooh my lurve!” and feeling our faces with their hands. Scary!

There was one flight simulator type ride which was awful. It wasn’t frightening or anything, it just made everyone extremely travel sick!

The day started off really hot but then went cooler and started pouring with rain just as I chickened out of a ride and had to stand outside. It was a big “Mystery Castle” except it wasn’t a mystery at all cos there was a big tower on it which made it obvious they were going to drop you from a great height! I went in the queue but then changed my mind and the young guy working there showed me the way out. Before he went, he asked me how old I was and where I was from and then said, “You are a very nice girl”. Strange. Maybe he was practicing his English!

We had a barbecue at the hostel tonight but I felt extremely travel sick for the 2nd time today because the coach driver got lost and we ended up on a really windy road, so I didn’t eat anything.

The teachers also gave out certificates to everyone cos it was the last night. I got one for “Photographic Modelling” because of what happened at the 1st concert when the old woman was taking photos and I got the giggles. Mr P presented it to me and I hesitated in shaking his hand. Apparently everyone noticed but then most people know about what he said to me. Bastard!

We all got pissed AGAIN tonight and it resulted in Denny, Gethin and Daniel dressing up in my clothes and applying Cat’s make up. It was all a very disturbing experience for those of us who witnessed them posing around our room!

I went into Gethin’s room later and discovered Denny asleep so I decided to get revenge for him taking awful photos of me all holiday. I got Lizzie’s purple nail varnish and drew lovely patterns on his face with it and took a photo. Hee hee!

We knew he’d noticed only when he got up to go to the loo and screamed as he saw his face in the mirror. He did managed to get it off though….. eventually!


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