Man-hunting every night – 15th July 2000

Sunday 15th Swing Band had to do a concert in the rain this afternoon at the Brooklyn Hotel in Bolton. There were also little girly Morris dancers too. It wasn’t much fun.

After the concert, I went straight to Gethin’s 18th birthday party. It was good but me and Jake fell out over something completely stupid again. When he arrived, all he did was hold my hand and then he paid more attention to Emma and the frog she’d caught. So, I just went a bit quiet but he thought I was ignoring him so he kept out of my way, therefore I thought he was ignoring me.

Everyone went to The Coach and Horses a but later and I made a comment about people being welcome to Jake if they still fancied him. I didn’t mean it. I was just pissed off. However, he heard me and walked out, telling Denny he was going home. I felt awful then but he wouldn’t answer his phone.

Denny was being all concerned that we were both okay and tried to catch up with him but failed. He was being really sweet!

Just as I was on the verge of tears, Michael and Sarah offered to catch up with him in the car. So off we went and found Jake just walking up towards the prison. I got out and we both apologised and hugged and he ended up staying in the spare room at my house.

During Gethin’s party, I was talking to Lizzie and she filled me in on the events in Cyprus. Floyd stayed in the apartment most of the time and Gethin was constantly ringing Nell. Karen and Lizzie however were off man-hunting every night and succeeded. The only snogged 6 people each but slept with 2 of them each. Karen had a really fit one called Costas and someone else, and Lizzie had Lazarus (the minging friend of Costas) and Harry, a 16 year old student from Berkshire. No doubt we’ll get all the details over and over and over again at various points from now on!


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