A run in with the Aviemore police – 8th to 11th July 2001

Sunday 8th I saw Jake today but he spent most of the time sleeping because he was camping at Arley Hall yesterday with his fellow Venture Scouts.

My dad is now in Wick after helping his mate move to a house up there somewhere. Mum said he’s had a run in with the Aviemore police cos he was asleep in the van in a layby. They’ve obviously got nothing better to do! She also said he’s been followed round by a greyhound and he felt sorry for it and let it in the house. Apparently the police have now got it.


Monday 9th Jake was a bit more awake today so we went to Manchester and saw Shrek at the Filmworks. It was a top film! I also got a new red watchstrap from the Quiksilver shop.

I had a driving lesson this morning which was a bit bad. The driving was fine but when I had a go at 3 practice theory tests, I failed them all!


Tuesday 10th I completely wasted half my day by going to HSBC in Warrington to try and sort out a student account. They eventually told me that I have to have my results before I can open one. Jake couldn’t open one either cos he hasn’t got his student loan stuff yet.

He came back to mine afterwards but wanted to leave pretty quickly after Mum had one of her mad stressed-out mental tantrums cos I didn’t walk Mollie or empty the dishwasher or something.


Wednesday 11th I had a Swing Band concert at a primary school today for the children. It went quite well, I think. One of my ex-teachers was there too.

I had a Year 10 saxophonist asking me about Banff when we were there and saying he’s been twice. I’ve usually forgotten about Jake going there until someone mentions it and then I get that sicky feeling again cos those 3 months were awful!

Mum’s in a better mood now and Jake’s gone all cuddly again.


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