No shirt on and all his muscles – 24th June 2001

Sunday 24th Michael, Sarah, Jake and I all went to Radio 1’s One Big Sunday at Heaton Park in Manchester today. It was really good!

Michael drove and we got there at about 11am. We thought it’d be busy by then but it wasn’t at all. In fact, we managed to get really close to the stage. It started at 1:30pm and more people began to crowd around us so it got a bit claustrophobic. We decided to move and when we turned round there were 1000s of people behind us. It was actually quite scary that we hadn’t noticed before. We managed to battle our way through the crowd and found a nice patch of grass to sit on. We were side-on to the stage but still quite close.

All the bands and stuff were really good. There was Sugababes, Outkast (one of which was wearing bright pink fluffy pants!), Emma Bunton, Muse, Mis-Teeq, Usher and Wyclef Jean. Wyclef was the best and after the show went off air, he carried on for a bit.

There were loads of Radio 1 DJs there too including Sara Cox, Jamie Theakston and Nemone.

We saw a few people we knew while we were there too. We saw Abby and Connor and then Robert Osbourne who used to be in my form at high school. He was looking pretty fit actually. He walked past us with no shirt on and all his muscles on the way to the portaloos and he said “Hi”. However, I must say that I much prefer Jake, even if he isn’t quite so toned! 🙂

It took us ages to find and get out of the car park afterwards due to all the people and when we finally did, there were LOADS of police down the road and they’d sectioned off an area of grass and trees with police tape. I want to know why!

When we got back to Sarah’s we were really hot so Jake and I played with some ice for a bit. He then said (because I was sunburnt) that he wished we were staying at Sarah’s another night so he could rub aftersun all over me! J

When I got home, I was informed that Grandma L is in hospital. She’d been going to Thurso with Auntie S when her eyes started rolling and she began thrashing about. Auntie S took her to the hospital there and they transferred her to Wick Hospital in an ambulance. They diagnosed her there with pneumonia which Mum warned me is very serious for old people and Grandma’s very ill. I’m really worried about her now. 😦


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