William Hague looks like a foetus and I like yellow – 7th June 2001

Thursday 7th I went to the hairdresser today just for a haircut. I’m quite pleased with it actually. I had it layered again and it’s about shoulder length which is just about right. It doesn’t feel quite so much of a mess now!


[Post-haircut. Remember those?!]

I voted for the first time today. I had to go to the Scout hut in the middle of the village to do it and I met Jake getting off the bus on my way so he walked down with me and Mum.

I have never really followed politics and stuff before but I’ve been paying attention over the last few days (even though I haven’t understood it all) cos I wasn’t going to not vote after lots of women chained themselves to things etc. in the past.

I didn’t have a clue who to vote for until yesterday when I decided on the Liberal Democrats. That Charles Kennedy bloke just put things simply when he was speaking, saying how if we want the same, vote Labour, if we want worse, vote Conservative, and if we want better, vote Lib Dem. Plus they said stuff about abolishing uni fees and stuff.

I mean, I know they won’t get in so it probably won’t make much difference but there are a few other reasons I decided to vote for them. These are that Tony Blair’s a bit smarmy and I had a dream last night that his wife turned scally and came after me cos I lamped Johnny Doherty who she was friends with! William Hague looks like a foetus (Mr S’s words but true!), and I like yellow!

So, that’s who I voted for – Liberal Democrats.

Sarah said she would’ve voted for them too but discovered she’s not on the electoral role thing.

I had to vote for parish council too. I didn’t have a clue so I put Lib Dem again. Mum told me afterwards that she’s a governor at her primary school.

My sister’s bloody well gone out and bought the same white top as me. She knew I’d got it too. I’m so pissed off cos I really like that top and she’d kill me if it was the other way round.

She’s been horrible all day actually. She left a mess in the kitchen and tried to blame it on me when Mum got annoyed. She’s been stomping round since then. She’s been going out with Connor a year today and I think he’s still scared of her. I don’t blame him!

Jake told me he’s going to work in an architect’s office for a month over July and August for experience. It’s on Deansgate in Manchester but he can’t remember the name. Apparently they want to train him up. At least I’ll know what he’s up to while I’m in Germany and Scotland anyway. He’s promised not to run off with any secretaries or anything. I should hope not!

I was feeling a bit fed up before but I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s exam stress.

My right knee’s been pretty stiff and painful for about a week now. It feels like it did after skiing but I haven’t really done all that much. Hmm.


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