So miserable and short – 1st June 2001

Friday 1st A few of us did The Run tonight but it wasn’t very interesting really. It was still good though.

Emma’s trying to organise a camping trip in July for 2 weeks. Jake and I might possibly be able to go for the 2nd weekend when we get back from Barcelona but nothing’s definite yet.

Emma told me and Jake that we’re a good sort of couple to be around because we don’t make people around us feel uncomfortable. That’s good to hear cos I sometimes worry that people are wishing they were elsewhere when we’re together. I suppose we’re not constantly snogging and stuff in front of people though.

We’ve all decided we don’t like the people who run The Mossland. They’re very miserable and chuck us out as soon as last orders is done. My dad told me most people take the piss out of them due to them being so miserable and short! 🙂

I found out that Gethin and Nell are a couple! This is likely to confuse many people cos Nell’s a lesbian and Gethin’s gay and they’ve both been very open about these facts recently. It must be either for attention seeking purposes (not surprising as Gethin’s involved) or a wind up. Hmm.


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