Stripping off and prancing round – 26th May 2001

Saturday 26th Jake and I went to Ronan Keating’s concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester tonight. It was really, really good! Jake was definitely in the minority as most people there were female and the few blokes there were either gay or looked like they’d been dragged there by their girlfriends. It was the other way round with us though cos he was the one who suggested it first. I did want to go though.


There was some boyband on called Fixate first who were okay but obviously miming and just like every other boyband under the sun!

Ronan was REALLY good though! He can actually sing really well live and he added some Boyzone songs and one by Blur at the end. When Rollercoaster was sung [I regret including the video as I don’t like the song and it’s now well and truly stuck in my head], he flew (on ropes of course!) over to a little stage in the middle. He kept doing little jigs and stuff. So cute! I’m glad Jake likes him! 🙂 That’s sweet cos most lads wouldn’t admit it!

After the concert, Jake and I met up with Connor and Abby cos they wanted us to show them round Manchester at night. We went in a few places but stayed mainly in Bar 38 cos we could sit outside. There were loads of people that kept stripping off and prancing round on the grassy bit which was quite amusing too!

Connor and Abby wanted to go into Infinity but Jake and I were pretty knackered so we went to get a taxi home. We wanted a black cab cos most others looked really dodgy but we eventually got bored of waiting and so just got in the next one that came along. The driver was really funny (he didn’t mean to be!) and started going on about how he’d had 15 points on his licence and stuff! He did stop though when Jake was about to wet himself! It only cost us £20 as well. It cost the other two £29 in a black cab.

Jake ended up staying in our spare room cos he had no more money to get home. I couldn’t sleep so I sneaked into the spare room. He woke up and said I could get in with him but must have gone straight back to sleep again cos he woke up again about 5 mins later and asked how long I’d been there! He was quite pleased to see me. 🙂 We just snuggled up all night and eventually started kissing and stuff.


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