Karen blew up one of the 9 condoms – 25th May 2001

Friday 25th Hmm, I can’t decide whether I’ve failed my Geography decision making exercise exam today or not. It seemed pretty straightforward which worries me slightly as that usually indicates that I’ve done something wrong. I know I didn’t use enough of the information out of the resource pack though.

I finally texted Jake back this afternoon after last night as if everything was normal cos I wanted to know if he was coming out tonight. He did.

We all just did The Run [a pub crawl]. It was good but pretty uneventful and Karen annoyed the hell out of us all. She and Sarah were driving so we didn’t have to walk which was good. Karen blew up one of the 9 condoms she bought from various machines and stuck it out of her sunroof so I stuck with Sarah!

After being talked down to and made to feel stupid all night by Karen, she suddenly demanded that we moved to the next pub. She said if we weren’t at the car in 2 minutes then she’d go without us. We all stayed in the pub! 🙂


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