There was a solid section on maths (all of which I guessed) – 22nd & 23rd May 2001

Tuesday 22nd I did no revision today and saw Jake for a couple of hours before he went to Venture Scouts.


Wednesday 23rd Well, that’s my first exam failed. I had a General Studies paper this afternoon and it wasn’t much fun. I had to write 2 essays: one on tourism and how it has both advantages and disadvantages, and one on why the popularity of cinemas has increased.

Then there was a solid section on maths (all of which I guessed), a bit on X-rays which was kind of a comprehension exercise thing, and then a general knowledge part. I knew Louis Armstrong played the trumpet but that was about it. Actually, I had Cat sat next to me (she’s very clever!) so if she got the answers on the side of the table nearest to me right (it was multiple choice) then maybe I got a few more right. Hee hee! 🙂

Ugh, the College 1s have taken over E7 which was our common room. They’ve completely changed it by putting wheel trims and road signs they’ve found/stolen all over the place. However, when they all went and sat on the field at lunch, me and the rest of us that used to live in E7 got some paint and put our handprints on the wall. I put TS and a 🙂 next to my one.

Jake came to meet me after my exam and stayed at my house for a bit.


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