All he does is sit there and pick the dog hairs off his trousers – 21st May 2001

Monday 21st I’m meant to be on study leave now (even though I didn’t do much study) so I didn’t have to go into college. Instead, I spent a lot of time this afternoon stirring things up between Sarah and Michael on MSN Messenger. Eventually my intervention paid off! They were both being all shy so I interfered and now they’ve agreed to give it a go over the summer.

Mum told me something awful today. Stuart Hobbs’s mum died at the weekend. Apparently she wasn’t feeling too well and took herself off to bed in their spare room and they found her dead the next morning. It’s horrible.

Uhh, my driving lesson was the worst one yet today! I kept stalling the bloody car cos I was worried about rolling back into people who were right up behind me and then my instructor stopped me and went through a big long list of things I should/shouldn’t have done. He didn’t say one good thing so my confidence has completely disappeared.

He then started going on about changing down the gears and I didn’t understand something so I asked what I thought was a perfectly reasonable question and he laughed at me.

That was it – I couldn’t control myself anymore and burst into tears. I could hardly breathe at one point because I was so annoyed/frustrated/confused/lacking confidence/feeling stupid!! He ended up driving me home cos I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to do any more. He said I wasn’t the first person to get upset and probably won’t be the last.

Hah! He said some girl rang up to complain about him cos she said he doesn’t help at all and all he does is sit there and pick the dog hairs off his trousers! He did ring me this evening to check I was okay which was nice. I said I was but that was a lie cos I’ve been getting upset all evening over nothing.

I spoke to Jake as well. He didn’t help by informing me he only had 16 lessons before his test. He didn’t pass it though that time! Ha ha!! I can’t see him tonight cos he’s out playing pool with Connor.


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